​New Music OUT NOW!!
The first of 2 full project releases for this Year is almost here, Lauriel Michele's
"A PORTRAIT IN BLUE" Is HERE NOW on Apple Music, Amazon and hundreds of other online streaming sites and stores, and even better there will be physical hard copies on sale as well.   
The option to order your signed physical copy will be available here on my website on MAY 29th 2020.


About The Artist

                            “The Music of Lauriel Michele is a feast of diverse Soul...”
Rather it’s Neo Soul with lyrics reminiscent of the 1970s message fused Soul Music, light downbeat atmospheric orchestral infused R&B, or experimental Instrumental Jazz fusion with Gospel elements, this “ Queen of Arts” pushes the envelope in her song writing. Her first release “Love & Magic for the Record” was steeped in Soul ballads with a timeless feel, while her latest project to be released in April 2020 entitled “A Portrait In Blue”, is layered in deeply poetic lyrics, intriguing storytelling and soul drenched melodies, that are guaranteed to give the listener a memorable maybe even somewhat nostalgic soulful experience.

Much of Lauriel’s musical influences hail from the sounds of the multi cultural, multi talented, San Francisco Ca. Bay Area, but she was also seasoned with strong flavors from her Families deep roots and history in New Orleans. Lauriel Michele started at a very young age as a self taught pianist, songwriter and director in Gospel and then later headed up her own Soul & R&B bands. While remaining mostly behind the scenes, producing, and writing for various artist and genres over the years, many of whom have described her sound as “The giant sonic wall of Soul.” Lauriel has grown into the truest definition of an “Independent Artist/Musician,” as a multi instrumentalist, she writes, arranges, produces and performs the entirety of her musical projects, including her upcoming spring release “A Portrait In Blue.” Then as if not busy enough, she also has a Soul/Funk project already completed and slated for release in the summer of 2020.

Although she’s shared the studio and stage with numerous celebrated artists, she finds her greatest joy sharing music directly with her listeners. Lauriel has also recently authored 2 books of poetry and prose published and currently in stores. When asked about her musical aspirations, Lauriel states, “My goal is to leave as much music and art as I can behind, that will hopefully evolve and lift this planet in frequencies that will move hearts while freeing Souls, over through and beyond time”.