“The Music of Lauriel Michele is a feast for the Soul..” A Musician, Composer, Vocalist, Keyboardist, & Producer This multi-talented California Bay Area Artist has written songs for many well known and independent artist in studios, onstage and in film, she is also a mentor for many young people in the Music & Arts. Lauriel began playing guitar and piano at the age of 11, and creating her own songs and lyrics was a natural progression. “Music was always a part of my life, I don’t remember a time where I did not have some form of Music expression coming through me, it just felt like a river within I only felt normal when it flowed.” Lauriel was born in San Francisco CA the eighth child of nine, her Mother and Father were both Natives of New Orleans La. And here songs are as eclectic and diverse as her family roots. 

“You could hear music playing in our house a lot when I was young, and my Mother was an advocate of the arts, she allowed each of us to play something and supported our lessons in the Arts. Plus She played piano also from a young age, so we always had instruments in the home, rather it was a piano or organ or guitar, trumpet, violin or drums, all of these instruments were played by one of my Brothers or Sisters, and Dance schools as well. We were all very musical and with that many kids, it was never a dull moment.”

Raised in the Church, Lauriel started out writing for Choirs and later directing and arranging. During her college years Lauriel branched off into groups and began focusing more on learning the business of Music as well as exploring various arrangement styles in theory and composition.
Her gifts as a vocalist, keyboardist and lyricist, kept her in demand by many Recording Studios and Artist, both Major and Independent.

Lauriel Remains an Independent Artist, where she feels she has had the freedom to keep her Music and Message honest and true to her values. 
“I never felt that there was room for compromise when it came to my messages in song, they are for the Soul, and to unite, uplift, and inspire love and life, sometimes they are hard truths to hear, but always they should feed your Soul well.”

Today Lauriel has mostly been working on Recording and Production for her upcoming CD releases, while still writing and doing production for other Artist. She will continue to play live venues and tour, with her band and others as a Musical Director.

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